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ANTHRO+ to highlight visual anthropology research

Maria Sharova will be presenting the results of her visual analysis of historic photographs from Mozambique and Angola at ANTHRO+, a conference hosted by the graduate student organization, PASA, in UMD’s Department of Anthropology.

Public Heritage: A visual study of changing environments in Mozambique and Angola

Mozambique and Angola gained their independence from Portugal in 1975, but subsequent political and economic events have significantly affected the governance of their natural resources and landscapes. Chambers (2006) notes that governments and other institutions often craft specific images to promote a public heritage that will “drive broader socio-political and socio-economic aims.” Others have used such public heritage imagery to assess the success or failure of national and international programs like poverty elimination or crisis management. In this presentation, I compare visual public heritage images produced by Mozambique and Angola on the cusp of their independence with contemporary images of the same or similar locations found on the Internet to analyze how differences in politics and economics at the national level have affected local natural environments over the past 30-40 years. What did these countries make available about their environmental public heritage in the late 1960s – early 1970s? What does this say about what they valued as public heritage? Have these places flourished or deteriorated? Are these places still valued as public heritage today? What, if any, connections between broader political and economic events and environmental governance can be made through this analysis?

Changes: Navigating Relationships in a Changing Environment, Margaret Brent A Room, STAMP, 9:30-10:30AM

Bilene, Mozambique (early 1970s)

Bilene, Mozambique (early 1970s)

More information about the conference can be found in the Schedule Anthroplus 2014.  Conference highlights include:

  • Powered by Pecha Kucha Session
  • Interactive alumni-student workshop on marketing your anthropology background
  • Special session on labor and environment, featuring music, narrative and traditional papers
  • Storytelling session, reprised from last week’s SfAA Annual Conference
  • Poster and photography session
  • And of course our keynote speaker, Dr. Wilton Martinez, President of the Center for Visual Anthropology of Peru, speaking on his work in applied visual anthropology and ethnographic filmmaking

All session titles play on the songs of David Bowie.  😉  Who says conferences have to be boring?