To help battle persistent scientists stereotypes, we thought we’d share a little bit about ourselves as well as our research.  To that end, current and previous lab members were asked to describe their research, share their future goals, and share something fun about themselves.  All credit for this cool idea goes to the tumblr blog, This is what a scientist looks like!

Current Lab Members

Stone Town, Zan. - Portuguese slave fort (2)

Dr. L. Jen Shaffer  

I study how local communities in rural, southern Mozambique use their traditional ecological knowledge to respond and adapt to environmental change.  That’s the 1 sentence speech I spit out in public before peoples’ eyes can glaze over.  My ongoing goal is to write something every day.  My current future goal is to slay the tenure dragon and increase my fluency in both Español and Português.  I am a total Star Wars fangirl, and as a child I wanted to grow up and be either a Jedi Master, a fairy godmother, or a scientist.  I love both sleeping and running – which some days feel like the only speeds I operate at.

UMD CV Shaffer

Graduate Students

Captain_Adri (2)

Adriane Michaelis

After time spent working in coastal and marine science, I am interested in the dynamic between resource management and the communities impacted by resource policy.   For my PhD, I am broadly focusing on the development of oyster aquaculture in the Chesapeake Bay, the composition of those that are currently involved in aquaculture (with interest in watermen participation), and future considerations related to aquaculture and oyster management.  After earning my PhD I hope to return to coastal conservation work, emphasizing the perspective of local communities. In my spare time, I can usually be found roaming the woods with my dogs (and subsequently de-bugging everyone with moderate success). Also, that pink hat isn’t just for show—I’m also a Coast-Guard licensed Captain!

Helen Mittmann (MAA)

Kevin McDonald (MAA)

Hannah Dale (BA Anthropology)

Former MAA Students 

  • Alyssa Nutter (2015)
  • Jordan Tompkins (2015)
  • Rebecca Alberda (2015)

Former Undergraduate Students

  • Bryan Gerard
  • Hayatt Mohammed
  • Rachel Ridley
  • Tarika Sankar 
  • Maria Sharova
  • Catherine Soriano Luna
  • Sarah Strada
  • Donald Warner
  • Matthew Berlin
  • Katie Che
  • Raquel Fleskes
  • Amanda Hathaway
  • Yves Robert Juste


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