Students in the field

Our lab’s masters students have begun their summer research projects.

Rebecca is close to home at START.  She is based out of College Park, but will be working in Washington, DC.  Rebecca sent me an updated proposal last week with an extensive section on risk, vulnerability and risk communication.  The work she does now on the lit review will come in handy for discussion at her internship but also during her internship write-up.

Alyssa has left the continent.  She is posting to a blog, Seahawk in the Gambia, while in the field.  I hope she enjoys herself.  Alyssa’s proposal was ambitious – always good – but Africa is Africa.  Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.  I look forward though to reading about a place I have not been to but have heard much about.

Jordan is still with me in College Park.  With my dad’s illness and death, our departure date was set back two weeks.  In the end it has all worked out because it gives us a little more time to prep.  We’re both going to try and post from the field to this blog over the June/July field season.


About ljshaffer

I am an ecological anthropologist. I work with people living in southern Mozambique on issues of indigenous knowledge, responses and adaptation to environmental change. I spend a lot of time talking about elephants, crops, conservation, and sustainability.

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